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Hoffmann Water Pumps. Build with proven series 2 engines.
Hoffmann Water Pumps.
Hoffmann Chemical Transver Pumps. Chemical transver especially for agricultural markets.
Hoffmann International Pumps
Hoffmann Trash Pumps. Compatible with fittings and clamps. Easy to open T bolt for cleaning puposes.
Hoffmann International Pumps
Hoffmann Diesel and Petrol Driven Water Pumps.
Hoffmann Water Pumps
High pressure water pump ideal for fire fighting units.
Hoffmann Water Pumps
High pressure water pumps ideal for farmers pumping water over long distances.
Hoffmann Water Pumps


Choose HOFFMANN™ pumps; manufactured to the highest standards. High quality, long lasting and ISO certified to pump up your performance. The HOFFMANN™ family of pumps is supported by a national spares back up infrastructure.

Remember, there is only ONE HOFFMANN™

Like all HOFFMANN™ products, they are manufactured to the highest standards and have ISO certification.

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